Integration of the MUSE Software Pipeline into the Astro-WISE System

J. Pizagno, O. Streicher, W.-J. Vriend



We discuss the current state of integrating the Mutli Unit Spectroscopic Explorer (hereafter: MUSE) software pipeline (Weilbacher et al. 2006) into the Astro-WISE system (Valentijn et al. 2007a; Vriend et al. 2012). MUSE is a future integral-field spectrograph for the VLT, consisting of 24 Integral Field Units (hereafter IFU). The MUSE data reduction pipeline is built using the Common Pipeline Library (CPL) provided by ESO. The Astro-WISE technology integrates data lineage, data persistence, distributed processing, and large file storage into an information system. To integrate the MUSE pipeline, its metadata is used to build persistent objects for storage in the Astro-WISE system. It is thought that this method can provide a convenient and quick method to implement future pipelines into Astro-WISE. Current work on the integration includes handling multiple IFUs, completing the pipeline integration, and use-case development.
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TitelAstronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series
SubtitelAstronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXI
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StatusPublished - sep.-2012


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