Interaction, communication, and stress in adults with congenital deafblindness and an intellectual disability

Kitty Bloeming - Wolbrink


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How does a person with deafblindness and an intellectual disability experience the world? How does he or she interact and communicate with others? How much stress does he or she experience? These are questions addressed in this dissertation.
In this research project, 7 adults with congenital deafblindness and an intellectual disability were followed for a period of six and a half years. During this period they moved to group homes that were adjusted to their needs. The communication partners working in these group homes were educated in interaction and communication with persons with deafblindness. The focus in their approach shifted from the intellectual disability to the deafblindness. The effects of these changes on interaction and expressive communication were positive.
Later in time, the effectiveness of an intervention program on interaction and the use and recognition of expressions based on a bodily emotional trace (BET) was measured. These are bodily expressions of memories, like making a movement, touching a location on the body, or replicating a sensation. These expressions often look different from what is expected, making it hard to recognize them. The communication partners were coached using video-feedback. The effects of the intervention program were mostly positive.
Also, the diurnal cortisol curve of the participants was studied. We expected to find deviancies in this curve, as a consequence of the severe and chronic stress that comes along with the deafblindness. However, this expectation was not confirmed in the research project.
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