Interaction Zone for an eEDM measurement with a BaF beam

Thomas Meijknecht*, Parul Aggarwal, Hendrick Bethlem, Alexander Boeschoten, Anastasia Borschevsky, Malika Denis, Kevin Esajas, Pi Haase, Yongliang Hao, Steven Hoekstra, Klaus Jungmann, Ginny Marshall, Maarten Mooij, Rob Timmermans, Anno Touwen, Wim Ubachs, Lorenz Willmann, Yanning Yin, Artem Zapara

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The measurement of an electron electric dipole moment (eEDM) with high precision using BaF, benefits from fine control over several key parameters. These parameters include a vacuum, lasers and an electric and magnetic field. Measurements employing a BaF supersonic beam, are planned. These measurements, happening in an Interaction Zone, will use a large electric field of 10 kV/cm, and a small magnetic field of order 6 nT, with small field gradients. In addition, control and understanding of molecular states using lasers and spectroscopy are crucial for a successful experiment. This poster discusses how to reach an electromagnetic field in the Interaction Zone, useful for an eEDM measurement.
Originele taal-2English
StatusPublished - 17-jun.-2019
EvenementSummer School - Ameland: Search for New Physics with Low-Energy Precision Tests - Ameland
Duur: 17-jun.-201921-jun.-2019


ConferenceSummer School - Ameland


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