Interface transport properties in ion-gated nano-sheets

J. T. Ye*, Y. J. Zhang, Y. Kasahara, Y. Iwasa

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Recent advances in atomic-scale preparation of ultrathin nano-sheets and efficient field-effect gating mediated by movement of ions have provided a prolific paradigm for creating exotic states at interfaces of a new-type of device called electric-double layer transistors (EDLTs). We present a short review on these liquid/solid interfaces formed on nano-sheets prepared by micro cleaving a bulk layered single crystal, which can be electrostatically doped to a high carrier density of similar to 10(14) cm(-2). Atomically flat surfaces prepared on various layered materials allowed ideal transport when they acted as transistor channels after accumulating dense carriers. The unique system combining these two advantages enabled observations of novel transport phenomena showing quantum phase transition of charge and spin states controlled by electric field. Examples include gate-induced metal-insulator transition, opening of new transport channels, and field-induced interface superconductivity, which present a rapidly growing

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TijdschriftEuropean physical journal-Special topics
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StatusPublished - jul.-2013

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