Internationalisation strategies of technology-driven small- and medium-sized enterprises

Gerda Gemser*, Maryse Brand, Arndt Sorge

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SMEs are increasingly active in international markets. Absence of sufficient resources limits the strategic options available to SMEs. This study examines SMEs' use of the cooperation strategy to internationalise, both from a cross-sectional and longitudinal perspective. An analysis of data collected in 54 multinational SMEs operating in technology-driven industries suggests an inverted U-shaped relationship between SMEs' size and their tendency to cooperate with partners to internationalise. In addition, SMEs' internationalisation strategies are relatively inert. The results of the paper suggest that SMEs can make more effective use of different internationalisation strategies by acquiring knowledge of the pros and cons of the different strategies and by evaluating their choices on a periodical, structural basis, using their resource position as a guiding parameter.

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TijdschriftTechnology Analysis & Strategic Management
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StatusPublished - 2012

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