Nicolas J.A. Buchoud (Redacteur), Gunnar Hartmann (Redacteur), Holger Kuhle (Redacteur), Thai Nguyen Van Quoc (Redacteur)



    One year after the COVID-19 pandemic started, a new e-book features ideas and experiences from all over the world how societies could prevent similar cascading disruptions in social, economic and political and institutional life in the future. More than 100 authors from all continents contributed to the project which is entitled “INTERSECTING”. In over 50 contributions they are calling to team up and create the infrastructure of a new sustainable economy. Richly illustrated by dozens of original photographs, INTERSECTING is an epic journey from ‘disease’ to multilateral ‘agendas’. It portrays a major crisis of our urban age, which beyond the pandemic, is one of profound mutations and geopolitical shifts, where people’s and cities’ voices need to be heard.
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    UitgeverijNew Dialogue Publisher
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    StatusPublished - 2021

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