Interval endurance capacity of talented youth soccer players

C Visscher*, MT Elferink-Gemser, KAPM Lemmink

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The purpose of this study, in which 113 talented Youth soccer players (M = 16.0 yr., SD = 15), selected by their age and level of performance participated, was to investigate interval endurance capacity needed to play at the highest level of competition in the age-category 12 through 18. Multivariate analyses of covariance with factors of level of performance and age category showed that players ages 16 through 18 years outscored the players ages 12 through 15 years on the interval endurance capacity (p .05). In conclusion, development of the interval endurance capacity seems crucial for a talented youth soccer player to be successful.

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TijdschriftPerceptual and Motor Skills
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StatusPublished - feb-2006

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