Intracavity absorption spectroscopy of formaldehyde from 6230 to 6420 cm(-1)

Peter Fjodorow, Ortwin Hellmig, Valery M. Baev*, Howard B. Levinsky, Anatoli V. Mokhov

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    We apply intracavity absorption spectroscopy for measurements of the absorption spectrum of formaldehyde, CH2O, from 6230 to 6420 cm(-1), of which only a small fraction (6351-6362 cm(-1)) has been recorded elsewhere. The measurements are performed in the cavity of a broadband Er3+-doped fiber laser, with a sensitivity corresponding to the effective absorption path length of 45 m and a spectral resolution of 0.1 cm(-1). The noise-equivalent detection limit of CH2O achieved with the strongest absorption line at 6252.64 cm(-1) is estimated to be 5 ppm. High tolerance to broadband losses and the accessible time resolution of 50 mu s make it possible to apply this detection system for time-resolved monitoring of CH2O together with other molecules in harsh combustion environments, e.g., in combustion engines.

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    TijdschriftApplied Physics B: Lasers and Optics
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    StatusPublished - mei-2017

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