Intraoperative blood transfusion requirement is the main determinant of early surgical re-intervention after orthotiopic liver transplantation

HGD Hendriks*, J van der Meer, JTM de Wolf, PMJG Peeters, RJ Porte, H Lip, WJ Post, MJH Slooff

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Liver transplantation is the treatment of choice in selected patients with end-stage liver disease. Postoperative complications often require surgical re-intervention. This study is a retrospective single-centre study to assess the incidence and type of surgical re-intervention during the in-hospital period after liver transplantation and to identify predictors of this re-intervention. From 1994 to 2002, 231 consecutive adult liver transplantations were performed. Re-intervention was classified as biliary, vascular, bleeding, septicaemia, re-transplantation or as miscellaneous. One hundred and thirty-nine surgical re-interventions were performed in 79 of 231 patients (34%). Septicaemia (44%) and bleeding (27%) were the most frequent indications for re-intervention, followed by biliary (10%) reintervention. Vascular re-intervention, re-transplantation, and reintervention for miscellaneous reasons, were performed in 7% each. Of all analysed variables (gender, age, diagnosis, acute liver failure, Child-Pugh classification, Karnofsky score, previous abdominal surgery, creatinine clearance, prothrombin time, anti-thrombin, platelet count, surgical technique, cold ischaemia time, warm ischaemia time, functional anhepatic time, anatomic anhepatic time, revascularisation time, year of transplantation, aprotinin administration, transfused platelet concentrate, and red blood cell transfusion requirements), only the number of transfused red blood cell concentrates (RBCs) was identified as a predictor of surgical re-intervention. Median RBC transfusion requirement during liver transplantation was 2.9 l (range 0-18.8 l) in the re-intervention group compared with 1.5 l (range 0-13.4 l) in the non-re-intervention group (P

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StatusPublished - jan.-2004

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