Nicholas Baer, Michael Cowan, Anton Kaes

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The rise of digital media has provoked no shortage of debates about what cinema has been and will become. To some observers, film seems to be a thing of the past, an artifact of twentieth-century visual culture, a relic of the Fordist era with its industrial rhythms and distinct division of labor and leisure. Others point to cinema’s unanticipated afterlives in film festivals and retrospectives, compilation films and museum installations, online archives and virtual cinephilic communities. From the latter perspective, cinema is not so much disappearing as morphing into exciting new forms and hybrids, whose uncharted trajectories bear an uncanny...

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TitelThe Promise of Cinema
SubtitelGerman Film Theory, 1907–1933
RedacteurenAnton Kaes, Nicholas Baer, Michael J. Cowan
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StatusPublished - 2016
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NaamWeimar and Now: German Cultural Criticism
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