Carolyn Birdsall, Maria Boletsi, Itay Sapir, Pieter Verstraete

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This is the introduction to the book, Inside Knowledge: (Un)doing Ways of Knowing in the Humanities. This volume is a collection of original essays proposing a fresh examination of epistemological questions relevant to scholars in any discipline of the humanities. Is objective knowledge still a viable ideal? Can art produce or express knowledge of any kind? Is the body a promising medium for a knowledge less abstract or logocentric than the kind Western culture has favoured so far? How are epistemological regimes maintained with the use of established linguistic tropes? Is knowledge to be resisted or employed as a tool of resistance? Distinguished as well as young, emerging scholars from disciplines such as philosophy, comparative literature, musicology and art theory discuss concrete case studies in which these questions arise. The essays share a commitment to interdisciplinary approaches and the close analysis of cultural objects, and refuse to take for granted the conventional methodologies that often guide research projects in their respective fields. The Inside Knowledge volume stages encounters between different ways of knowing, which contribute to an interdiciplinary understanding of the concept of knowledge and of epistemological questions in the humanities
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TitelInside Knowledge
Subtitel(Un)doing Ways of Knowing in the Humanities
RedacteurenCarolyn Birdsall, Maria Boletsi, Itay Sapir, Pieter Verstraete
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StatusPublished - 2009
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