Introduction to the special issue - Digital business models: A multi-disciplinary and multi-stakeholder perspective


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The advent and enormous growth of digital technologies, and associated data, force firms to respond to novel digital challenges and increasingly lead them to transform their existing business models. Importantly, given that digital transformation has a strong impact on multiple disciplines, such as logistics, marketing, and strategy, and involves multiple stakeholders, such as service providers, platforms, employees and end-users, it also requires researchers and businesses to adopt a multi-disciplinary, multi-stakeholder perspective, in which multiple research and business fields cooperate in order to create collaborative solutions. In this editorial to the special issue, we aim to bring together insights from multiple research fields to account for the multi-faceted nature of digital transformation. We discuss the relevance of this multi-disciplinary, multi-stakeholder perspective, propose an overarching research framework, and highlight future avenues of research.
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StatusPublished - jan.-2021

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