Investigation of Ferri-alginate (Fe-Alg) as Environmentally Friendly Catalyst on the Formation of Solketal from Glycerol and Acetone

M. Mahreni, M. M. Azimatun Nur

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Alginate is a naturally occurring anionic carbohydrate polymer which could be coupled with metallic cationic molecules to form heterogeneous catalyst. However, the potency of the heterogeneous catalyst on the production of solketal was not explored. This research was proposed to investigate the potency of Ferri-Alginate (Fe-Alg) as a cheap and environmentally friendly catalyst in the solketal reaction. Fe-Alg was synthesized by reacting FeCl3 to sodium alginate with different concentrations (0.1 -0.5 M). Fe-Alg catalyst was characterized both on the physical and chemical activity. By using BET analysis, it was indicated that the addition of FeCl3 concentration increased the surface area of the catalyst. By using TGA/DSC analysis, it was found that Fe-Alg catalyst was stable up to 153°C. From GC/MS analysis, it was found that solketal was formed after the reaction of glycerol and acetone by using Fe-Alg as the catalyst.
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TitelInternational Conference on Chemical Engineering UNPAR 2019
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StatusPublished - 9-mrt.-2020
EvenementInternational Conference on Chemical Engineering UNPAR 2019
- Bandung, Indonesia
Duur: 28-nov.-201929-nov.-2019

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ConferenceInternational Conference on Chemical Engineering UNPAR 2019

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