Irradiation of isolated collagen mimetic peptides by x rays and carbon ions at the Bragg-peak energy

M. Lalande, M. Abdelmouleh, M. Ryszka, V. Vizcaino, J. Rangama, A. Mery, F. Durante, T. Schlatholter, J-C Poully*

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We report on an experimental irradiation of isolated peptides by carbon ions at the Bragg-peak energy. Collagen mimetic peptides and their noncovalent complexes undergo nondissociative ionization, but also inter- and intramolecular fragmentation induced by internal energy transfer. We also detect nondissociative proton detachment, an ion-specific process. The average amount of energy transferred by ions is similar to the case of x-ray single photoabsorption, and our results indicate that it changes with the conformation and size of a given molecular system. Our work paves the way to experimental investigation of high-energy ion collisions involving proteins and DNA strands, to investigate the role of ion kinetic energy in internal energy deposition.

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TijdschriftPhysical Review A
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StatusPublished - 3-dec.-2018

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