Is asthma in 2-12 year-old children associated with physician-attended recurrent upper respiratory tract infections?

Eelko Hak, Maroeska M Rovers, Alfred P E Sachs, Wim A B Stalman, Theo J M Verheij

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    In a prevalence study, we evaluated whether recurrent physician-attended URTI episodes are more common in asthmatic children as compared to age- and gender-matched controls. URTI proneness, defined as > or = 5 episodes of rhinitis/pharyngitis, sinusitis, laryngitis/tracheitis or otitis media in a 24-month period, was more common in asthmatics than controls (adjusted odds ratio 2.5, 95% confidence interval: 1.1-6.1). As a consequence, antibiotic prescriptions and referrals to hospitals occurred more frequently among asthmatics than controls.

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    TijdschriftEuropean Journal of Epidemiology
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    StatusPublished - 2003

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