Is CTV-Based Robust Optimized IMPT in Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer Robust Against Respiratory Motion?

Y. Anetai, H. Takegawa, T. Inoue, H. Mizuno, I. Sumida, M. Koizumi, K. Ogawa, A. van't Veld, E. Korevaar


    Originele taal-2English
    Pagina's (van-tot)3456-3456
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    TijdschriftMedical Physics
    Nummer van het tijdschrift6
    StatusPublished - jun-2015
    Evenement57th Annual Meeting and Exhibition of the American-Association-of-Physicists-in-Medicine (AAPM) - Anaheim, Anaheim, Canada
    Duur: 12-jul-201516-jul-2015

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