Italian pottery kilns and production areas from the Bronze Age to the Archaic Period (2200-500 BC): A typological approach

Agostino Sotgia*

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This paper proposes a typological approach to study the structural evidence related to pottery kilns and craft areas. Starting from a systematic survey of pottery kilns attested in the Italian peninsula from the Bronze Age (2200-950 B.C.) to the Orientalizing and Archaic periods (725-500 B.C.), this research provides a reconstruction of different kilns types by putting particular emphasis on craft areas, with the main goal of identifying common features, similarities and dissimilarities among different sites. Moreover, ethno-archaeological data have been taken into account in order to provide a more complete overview of extant evidence.
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TitelArchitectures of fire
Subtitel processes, space and agency in pyrotechnology.
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StatusPublished - 2019

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