JURI SAYS: An Automatic Judgement Prediction System for the European Court of Human Rights

Masha Medvedeva*, Xiao Xu, Martijn Wieling, Michel Vols

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In this paper we present the web platform JURI SAYS that automatically predicts decisions of the European Court of Human Rights based on communicated cases, which are published by the court early in the proceedings and are often available many years before the final decision is made. Our system therefore predicts future judgements of the court. The platform is available at jurisays.com and shows the predictions compared to the actual decisions of the court. It is automatically updated every month by including the prediction for the new cases. Additionally, the system highlights the sentences and paragraphs that are most important for the prediction (i.e. violation vs. no violation of human rights).
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SubtitelJURIX 2020: The Thirty-third Annual Conference, Brno, Czech Republic, December 9–11, 2020
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