Justice Globalism

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    The pursuit of a global order founded on universal rules extends beyond economics into the normative spheres of law, politics and justice. Justice globalists claim universal principles applicable to all societies irrespective of religion or ideology. This view privileges human rights, democracy and the rule of law as incontrovertible global goods. In bringing all persons under the rule of international laws enforced through national or international courts, the cause of global justice is advanced. Conversely, exceptions to the rule of law weaken justice and undermine global order. This chapter examines the claims of justice globalists, from international jurists and humanitarian campaigners, and asks if justice globalism is compatible with the global reality of multiple systems of law and morality. It argues that the value that justice globalists place on diversity and multiplicity, rather than singularity and uniformity, provides a means for reconciling the tension between a desire for universal rights and values and the realities of diverse cultural and legal contexts.
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