Key drivers’ perspectives on the institutional uptake of virtual exchange. Case Studies from 9 European HEIs

EVOLVE Project Team


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    This report presents the findings of the EVOLVE case study research. Our research objective was: to identify key drivers’ motivations and steps taken towards the introduction and implementa-tion of VE across disciplines in European Higher Education Institutes (HEIs). The studies were conducted in the form of semi-structured interviews (through video conferencing) with key driv-ers of VE at nine HEIs in Europe. The research was carried out as a follow-up to the EVOLVE Base-line study2 (Jager et al., 2019) which aimed to understand the current state of the art as regarding the understanding and implementation of VE in HEIs across Europe through a survey directed to four different types of stakeholders: educators, educational supporters, internationalisation of-ficers and policymakers.
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    StatusPublished - dec.-2020

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