Kleine centra in Romeins Centraal-Italië: resultaten van het Minor Centers Project

Tymon de Haas, Gijs Tol

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This article presents the main results of the
Minor Centres Project, which over the past five
years has studied the role of minor centres (villages,
road stations) in the economy of Roman
Central Italy. Models from economic geography
suggest that such sites served as central places
for surrounding rural populations; network
analysis furthermore shows that they could also
be hubs in trade systems. These hypotheses are
confirmed by field surveys, geophysical prospections
and ceramic studies of several minor centres
in the Pontine region: the site of Ad Medias
shows evidence of several central-place functions
(pottery production, metalworking, presence of
a sanctuary), and Forum Appii, a larger centre
situated strategically at a junction of roads on a
navigable river, also served as a hub in regional
trade networks. In addition to these scientific
results, the project has developed several public
outreach initiatives, including guest teaching, a
brochure and a temporary exhibition.
Vertaalde titel van de bijdrageSmall centres in Roman Central Italy: results from the Minor Centers Project
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StatusPublished - 2016

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