Landgoed als leerschool. biografie van Philip Dirk baron van Pallandt van Eerde (1889-1979)

Joke Draaijer


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    Philip Dirk Baron van Pallandt (1889-1979) was an idealist – a spiritual idealist. He was a life-long supporter of education and nature conservation in the Netherlands. As a young man, he enjoyed all the privileges of his position. He was raised in The Hague and Duinrell, the family estate near Wassenaar. When he unexpectedly inherited the estate Eerde near Ommen in 1913, he suddenly became a landowner. What was he supposed to do with this? He was unexperienced and did not really know how to deal with the situation. In 1924, he donated his property to a foundation, which promised to serve the ‘world brotherhood of man’. Their chairman was Jiddu Krishnamurti, who was considered the new world teacher by the Theosophical Association. At the beginning of WW2, he was imprisoned at concentration camp Buchenwald for a few months. How had he and his family experienced this dramatic time? After the liberation, Van Pallandt expressed his idealism mostly as a board member of nature preservation organisations and scouting clubs. In order to ensure the future of Eerde, he gradually sold the estate to the Dutch organisation for the protection of natural sites from 1949 onwards. For the outside world, an Pallandt was mostly a nobleman, but was he also a typical representative of the nobility? This question is crucial in The estate as a space of education, the first scientific biography of Van Pallandt. It is mostly based on rigorous research of sources, including hitherto unpublished personal documents.
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