Late Breaking Abstract - Health economic burden of asthma/COPD in Uganda, Vietnam, Kyrgyzstan and Greece: FRESH AIR results

Job F. M. van Boven, Evelyn A. Brakema, Simon Walusimbi, Marilena Anastasaki, Aizhamal Tabyshova, Luan Nguyen, Christos Lionis, Io Anna Tsiligianni, Bruce J. Kirenga, Pham L. An, Talant Sooronbaev, Maarten J. Postma, Niels H. Chavannes



Introduction: National data on the clinical & economic impact of asthma/COPD are key to raise awareness and to inform national action plans and implementation strategies. For low-resource settings as Uganda, Vietnam, Kyrgyzstan & rural Greece, these data are largely lacking. Objective: We aimed to estimate the health economic burden of asthma/COPD in Uganda, Vietnam, Kyrgyzstan & rural Greece as part of the FRESH AIR study. Methods: Questionnaires were administered to representative samples of patients with a diagnosis of asthma and/or COPD in Uganda [U] (N=102), Vietnam [V] (N=491), Kyrgyzstan [K] (N=308) and rural Greece [G] (N=100). We surveyed patients about socio-economic data, risk factor exposure, symptoms, healthcare utilization and co-payments, work productivity (WPAI) and health status (mMRC, CCQ, EQ-5D). Data were enriched with spirometry, comorbidities & treatment data from patients’ clinical records. Results: Mean age (SD) was 34.0 (15.8) [U], 60.5 (16.2) [V], 62.1 (11.2) [K] and 70.4 (12.1) [G] with 8%, 51%, 99% and 81% respectively having COPD (the rest asthma). Mean mMRC scores ranged between 0.5 [U]-2.7 [K], CCQ between 1.9 [U]-3.1 [K]. EQ-5D derived utility was 0.92 [U], 0.71 [V], 0.68 [K] and 0.72 [G]. A total of 95% [U], 13% [V], 1% [K] and 4% [G] lacked health insurance and a substantial part of healthcare utilization was uncovered. Between 60% and 90% of patients reported that asthma/COPD affected their ability to work and/or do their regular daily activities. Conclusions: The impact of asthma/COPD on healthcare utilization & spending, work productivity and quality of life is considerable. Ultimately these data could serve national asthma/COPD strategies.
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TijdschriftEuropean Respiratory Journal
StatusPublished - 1-sep-2017
EvenementEuropean-Respiratory-Society (ERS) International Congress - Milan, Italy
Duur: 9-sep-201713-sep-2017

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