Learning reference biases from language input: A cognitive modelling approach

Abigail Grace Toth*, Niels Taatgen, Petra Hendriks, Jacolien van Rij

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In order to gain insight into how people acquire certain reference biases in language and how those biases influence online language processing, we constructed a cognitive model and presented it with a dataset containing reference asymmetries. Via prediction and reinforcement learning, the model was able to pick up on the asymmetries in the input. The model predictions have implications for various accounts of reference processing and demonstrate that seemingly complex behavior can be explained by simple learning mechanisms
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TitelProceedings of the 19th International Conference on Cognitive Modelling (ICCM 2021)
RedacteurenTerrence C. Stewart
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UitgeverijApplied Cognitive Science Lab, Penn State
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ISBN van elektronische versie978-0-9985082-5-2
StatusPublished - 2021
EvenementInternational Conference on Cognitive Modeling 2021 - Online
Duur: 29-jun.-20219-jul.-2021


ConferenceInternational Conference on Cognitive Modeling 2021
Verkorte titelICCM 2021
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