Les sources des tensions ressenties dans la gestion des activités de recherche et de développement: Une étude de cas exploratoire

Nicolas Mangin

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Management control is often accused of generating an imbalance of R&D efforts towards exploitation at the expense of exploration, thus compromising the sustainability of organizations. Solutions have been suggested to rectify this bias, through the development of measurement systems and the ambivalent use of available information. However they stumble on new challenges that accentuate even further the tensions that operational managers are facing. As part of this research, we conducted an exploratory case study within a large enterprise specialized in R&D to go back to the genuine sources of tension felt by those involved in its management. We were especially interested in better determining the impact of the role played by management controllers. We get the surprising conclusion that under certain conditions, the controllers can not only play very important roles in the management of research and development, but that these roles are growing in importance should the nature of said activities be more exploratory.
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  • Fiol, Michel, Supervisor, Externe Persoon
StatusPublished - 2012
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