Lewis acid promoted dearomatization of naphthols

Syuzanna R Harutyunyan*, Kirill Kulish, Cosimo Boldrini, Marta Castiñeira Reis, Juana Pérez

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Two-step dearomative functionalization of naphthols promoted by Lewis acids and copper(I) catalysis was developed. Initially, Lewis acid complexation inverted the electronic properties of the ring and established an equilibrium with the dearomatized counterpart. Subsequent trapping of the dearomatized intermediate with organometallics as well as organophosphines was demonstrated and provided the corresponding dearomatized products.

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Pagina's (van-tot)15843-15846
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Nummer van het tijdschrift68
Vroegere onlinedatum22-sep-2020
StatusPublished - 4-dec-2020

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