Lichamelijke integriteit

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This contribution gives an overview of the legal background and explanation of the right to physical integrity in article 11 of the Dutch Constitution, as well as soms more philosophical reflections of (the possible) development of this right.
From the introduction:
"Since 1983, the right to the inviolability of the body has been included in the Constitution. Subsequently, legislation has been enacted in many areas that flesh out this right, often restricting it. Measures in the areas of health care, welfare justice and public order. The fundamental right (rightly) received a lot of
political and social attention during, for example, the debates surrounding the introduction of the new decision system for post-mortem organ donation in 2020 and around the exploration of the need and possibilities of a vaccination requirement in the context of the coronapandemic.Organ donation and vaccination, like many other practices, are made possible through profound technological developments. Since 1983 taken place in abundance, at an increasingly rapid pace. New techniques make it possible to grow (parts of) the human body and to share, preserve, donate, reuse, edit, print and exploit and terminate its functioning. Technologies intervene on each other, making humans in their essence subject to change and may be subject to ever-increasing changes. Moreover, this development also takes place in the opposite direction, in insofar as technological devices take on increasingly human traits. Modelling, normalisation and standardisation of people can be at at odds with human dignity, free will formation and thus ultimately democracy. Particularly in these times, the right to the inviolability of the body therefore has meaning and urgency."
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