Life with a stoma across five European countries-a cross-sectional study on long-term rectal cancer survivors

Marianne Krogsgaard*, Helle O. Kristensen, Edgar J. B. Furnee, Sanne J. Verkuijl, Nuno Jose Rama, Hugo Domingos, Joao Maciel, Alejandro Solis-Pena, Eloy Espin-Basany, Marta Hidalgo-Pujol, Sebastiano Biondo, Annika Sjovall, Katrine J. Emmertsen, Anne Thyo, Peter Christensen

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    Purpose Stoma-related problems are known to be important to patients and potentially affect everyday life. The prevalence of stoma-related problems in rectal cancer survivors remains undetermined. This study aimed to examine aspects of life with a long-term stoma, stoma management, and stoma-related problems and explore the impact of stoma-related problems on daily life. Methods In total, 2262 patients from 5 European countries completed a multidimensional survey. Stoma-related problems were assessed using the Colostomy Impact score. Multivariable regression analysis, after adjusting for potential confounding factors, provided odds ratio (OR) and 95% confidence intervals (CI) for stoma-related problems' association with restrictions in daily life. Results The 2262 rectal cancer survivors completed the questionnaire at a median of 5.4 years (interquartile range 3.8-7.6) after stoma formation. In the total sample, leakage (58%) and troublesome odour (55%) were most prevalent followed by skin problems (27%) and pain (21%). Stoma-related problems were more prevalent in patients with parastomal bulging. A total of 431 (19%) reported feeling restricted in daily activities in life with a stoma. Leakage, odour, skin problems, stool consistency, and frequent appliance changes were significantly associated with restrictions in daily life. The highest risk of experiencing restrictions was seen for patients having odour (OR 2.74 [95% CI: 1.99-3.78]) more than once a week and skin problems (OR 1.77 [95% CI: 1.38-2.27]). Conclusion In this large cohort with rectal cancer, stoma-related problems were highly prevalent and impacted daily life. Supportive care strategies should entail outreach to patients with a long-term stoma.

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    TijdschriftSupportive Care in Cancer
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    StatusPublished - nov.-2022


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