Lipase-Catalyzed Transamidation of Urethane-Bond-Containing Ester

Pia Skoczinski*, Monica K. Espinoza Cangahuala, Dina Maniar, Katja Loos

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Significant improvement in mechanical properties and shape recovery in polyurethanes can be obtained by cross-linking, usually performed in a traditional chemical fashion. Here, we report model studies of enzymatic transamidations of urethane-bond-containing esters to study the principles of an enzymatic build-up of covalent cross-linked polyurethane networks via amide bond formation. The Lipase-catalyzed transamidation reaction of a urethane-bond-containing model ester ethyl 2-(hexylcarbamoyloxy)propanoate with various amines is discussed. A side product was formed, that could be successfully identified, and its synthesis reduced to a minimum (

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TijdschriftACS Omega
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StatusPublished - 28-jan-2020

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