Liver microwave ablation: a systematic review of various FDA-approved systems

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ObjectivesThe aim of the present study is to analyze preclinical and clinical data on the performance of the currently US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved microwave ablation (MWA) systems.MethodsA review of the literature, published between January 1, 2005, and December 31, 2016, on seven FDA-approved MWA systems, was conducted. Ratio of ablation zone volume to applied energy R(AZ:E) and sphericity indices were calculated for ex vivo and in vivo experiments.ResultsThirty-four studies with ex vivo, in vivo, and clinical data were summarized. In total, 14 studies reporting data on ablation zone volume and applied energy were included for comparison R(AZ:E). A significant correlation between volume and energy was found for the ex vivo experiments (r=0.85, p

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