Locally refinable gradient meshes supporting branching and sharp colour transitions: Towards a more versatile vector graphics primitive

Pieter J. Barendrecht, Martijn Luinstra, Jonathan Hogervorst, Jiří Kosinka

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We present a local refinement approach for gradient meshes, a primitive commonly used in the design of vector illustrations with complex colour propagation. Local refinement allows the artist to add more detail only in the regions where it is needed, as opposed to global refinement which often clutters the workspace with undesired detail and potentially slows down the workflow. Moreover, in contrast to existing implementations of gradient mesh refinement, our approach ensures mathematically exact refinement. Additionally, we introduce a branching feature that allows for a wider range of mesh topologies, as well as a feature that enables sharp colour transitions similar to diffusion curves, which turn the gradient mesh into a more versatile and expressive vector graphics primitive.
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TijdschriftVisual computer
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Vroegere onlinedatum23-mei-2018
StatusPublished - jun.-2018
Evenement35th Computer Graphics International conference (CGI) - , Indonesia
Duur: 11-jun.-201814-jun.-2018

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