Long-Term Kidney and Maternal Outcomes After Pregnancy in Living Kidney Donors

Marleen C. van Buren*, Jildau R. Meinderts, Christiaan A.J. Oudmaijer, Margriet F.C. de Jong, Henk Groen, Tessa Royaards, Louise Maasdam, Mirjam Tielen, Marlies E.J. Reinders, A. Titia Lely, Jacqueline van de Wetering

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For counseling it is important to know if pregnancy after Living Kidney Donation (LKD) affects long-term outcomes of the mono-kidney and the mother. Therefore, we performed a retrospective multicenter study in women ≤45 years who donated their kidney between 1981 and 2017. Data was collected via questionnaires and medical records. eGFR of women with post-LKD pregnancies were compared to women with pre-LKD pregnancies or nulliparous. eGFR before and after pregnancy were compared in women with post-LKD pregnancies. Pregnancy outcomes post-LKD were compared with pre-LKD pregnancy outcomes. 234 women (499 pregnancies) were included, of which 20 with pre- and post-LKD pregnancies (68) and 26 with only post-LKD pregnancies (59). Multilevel analysis demonstrated that eGFR was not different between women with and without post-LKD pregnancies (p = 0.23). Furthermore, eGFR was not different before and after post-LKD pregnancy (p = 0.13). More hypertensive disorders of pregnancy (HDP) occurred in post-LKD pregnancies (p = 0.002). Adverse fetal outcomes did not differ. We conclude that, despite a higher incidence of HDP, eGFR was not affected by post-LKD pregnancy. In line with previous studies, we found an increased risk for HDP after LKD without affecting fetal outcome. Therefore, a pregnancy wish alone should not be a reason to exclude women for LKD.

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TijdschriftTransplant International
StatusPublished - 28-jun.-2023

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