Looking Ahead: Challenges and Opportunities for Applied Psychology in Prevention and Promotion

Margarida Gaspar De Matos, Tony Wainwright, Lieven Brebels, Barbara Craciun, Roman Gabrhelík, Britt Hjartnes Schjodt, Anne Plantade-gipch, Vita Poštuvan, Irena Stojadinovic, Jennifer Richards

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    Across many domains of health and welfare, there have been remarkable advances in prevention where public-health models have had a significant impact. Psychology has much to offer in building on these successes and we describe some excellent examples, but in general, it has not been fully engaged with prevention science and implementation. We set out some of the key challenges and opportunities for psychology and prevention science in contemporary practice, recognizing that often the rhetoric from governments to support prevention interventions do not match up to making the necessary resources available. We argue that psychology must prioritize this area of practice as there is evidence that the gains of recent decades may be under threat without concerted efforts.
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    TijdschriftEuropean Psychologist
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    StatusPublished - okt-2019

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