Loss of habitat leads to loss of birds: Reflections on the Jiangsu, China, coastal development plans

Theunis Piersma*, Ying-Chi Chan, Tong Mu, Chris J. Hassell, David S. Melville, He-Bo Peng, Zhijun Ma, Zhengwang Zhang, David S. Wilcove

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Prompted by the realization that parts of the coast of southern Jiangsu Province, China, are under threat of reclamation, we here summarize evidence that loss of intertidal habitats around the Yellow Sea and at other parts along the Chinese and Korean coasts has already led to severe population declines of migratory shorebirds, including multiple endangered species. All the evidence currently at hand suggest that the plans to reclaim (develop) additional intertidal habitat in this region poses a substantial threat to the remaining shorebird populations. We recommend that new Environmental Impact Assessments are warranted before further reductions in the extent of mudflats take place.

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TijdschriftWader Study
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StatusPublished - aug-2017

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