Low-Temperature Dynamics of the Curie-Weiss Model: Periodic Orbits, Multiple Histories, and Loss of Gibbsianness

Victor Ermolaev, Christof Kuelske*

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We consider the Curie-Weiss model at initial temperature 0

For initial temperature beta (-1)> 1 we prove that the time-evolved measure stays Gibbs forever, for any (possibly low) temperature of the dynamics.

In the regime of heating to low-temperatures from even lower temperatures, 0

In the regime of further cooling from low-temperatures, beta'(-1)

To our knowledge this is the first example of the rigorous study of non-Gibbsian phenomena related to cooling, albeit in a mean-field setup.

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TijdschriftJournal of Statistical Physics
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StatusPublished - dec-2010

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