Luminescence and scintillation properties of BaY2F8: Ce3+, BaLu2F8 and BaLu2F8 : Ce3+

JC van't Spijker, P Dorenbos*, CWE van Eijk, JEM Jacobs, HW den Hartog, N Korolev

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    Spectroscopic and scintillation properties of BaY2F8 :Ce3+, BaLu2F8 and BaLu2F8 :Ce3+ are presented. For pure BaLu2F8, a luminescence with a decay time of similar to 1 ns is observed under gamma-ray excitation. This luminescence with a light yield of about 200 ph/MeV is attributed to core-valence luminescence. The scintillation efficiency of the Ce3+-doped crystals is rather poor and usually smaller than 1000 ph/MeV. The scintillation mechanism of these fluorides will be discussed. (C) 1999 Elsevier Science B.V. Ail rights reserved.

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    TijdschriftJournal of Luminescence
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    StatusPublished - dec-1999

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