In the University Medical Center Groningen research in the field of lymphoma is mainly clustered in the LRG. Members of the LRG are a mix of clinicians and basic scientists of five departments. These include Hematology, Medical Imaging Center, Pathology, Radiotherapy as well as the Trial data center.

The lymphoma research is embedded within the ‘Stem cells, Ageing, Leukemia and Lymphoma’ (SALL) program. This program is one of the four main research programs of the Cancer Research Center Groningen (CRCG). Moreover, the work of the LRG is embedded in the graduate school of medical sciences (GSMS).

Research lines of the LRG focus on the most common B-cell lymphoma types. The main aim is to deepen the insights into biologic mechanisms and translate these to the clinic. Results from these biology-driven studies are then translated into clinical studies. These studies include testing the value of diagnostic markers for lymphoma classification, implementation of biomarkers for prediction of treatment response and designing better treatment schedules. Altogether, we aim to improve outcome of lymphoma patients by implementing novel biomarkers and treatment schedules.

The UMCG is the reference center for other hospitals in North Netherlands. In total, we cover a region with 3,5 million inhabitants.
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