Machine Learning and Data Analysis in Astroinformatics

M. Biehl, K Bunte, G. Longo, P. Tino

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Astroinformatics is a new discipline at the cross-road of astronomy, advanced statistics and computer science. With next generation sky surveys, space missions and modern instrumentation astronomy will enter the Petascale regime raising the demand for advanced computer science techniques with hard- and software solutions for data management, analysis, efficient automation and knowledge discovery. This tutorial reviews important developments in astroinformatics over the past years and discusses some relevant research questions and concrete problems. The contribution ends with a short review of the special session papers in these proceedings, as well as perspectives and challenges for the near future.
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TitelESANN, European Symposium on Artificial Neural Networks, Computational Intelligence and Machine Learning
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StatusPublished - apr.-2018
EvenementSpecial Session at ESANN 2018: Machine Learning and Data Analysis in Astroinformatics - Brugge, Belgium
Duur: 25-apr.-201827-apr.-2018


ConferenceSpecial Session at ESANN 2018
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