Magnitude and seasonal variation of N2O and CH4 emissions over a mixed agriculture-urban region

Xin Tong, Bert Scheeren, Fred Bosveld, Arjan Hensen, Arnoud Frumau, Harro A.J. Meijer, Huilin Chen

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Inventory estimates of N2O and CH4 emissions disregard temporal and spatial variabilities, which hinders the search for effective local strategies to lower greenhouse gas emissions. We have quantified the emissions of N2O and CH4 in a mixed agriculture-urban region using two independent approaches, i.e., the vertical gradient method (VGM) and the radon-tracer method (RTM), compared the estimated annual fluxes with the EDGARv6.0 emissions, revealed the seasonal variations of the VGM fluxes, and inferred the sources that most likely cause the seasonal variations based on the footprint analysis even though our methods cannot attribute different sources. We show that the annual RTM estimates represented by the mode of lognormal fit for N2O and CH4 are 0.4 g m−2 yr−1 and 12 g m−2 yr−1, and the VGM estimates are 0.6 ± 0.3 g m−2 yr−1 and 13 ± 4 g m−2 yr−1, respectively. Furthermore, the average EDGARv6.0 emissions constrained by the VGM and the RTM footprints are 1.3 g m−2 yr−1 and 0.9 g m−2 yr−1 for N2O, and 21 g m−2 yr−1 and 18 g m−2 yr−1 for CH4. Compared to our estimated fluxes, EDGARv6.0 N2O and CH4 emissions are both overestimated; for N2O, it is mainly caused by an overestimation of the chemical industry's emission. Moreover, in contrast to EDGARv6.0′s nearly constant monthly emissions throughout the year, the VGM estimates of N2O and CH4 show seasonal variations with relatively high values from March to September, which is most likely caused by agricultural activities. Our study demonstrates that large nighttime vertical gradients of atmospheric N2O and CH4 mole fractions at a tall tower can be used to derive surface fluxes by the VGM; taken together with the RTM fluxes, both the annual means and the temporal variations of N2O and CH4 emissions can be constrained on a regional scale.
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TijdschriftAgricultural and Forest Meteorology
StatusPublished - 1-mei-2023


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