Maintaining Domain Specific Simulation Modelling Frameworks - A Case Study on Modelling Hyper Acute Stroke Pathways

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Conceptual simulation models capture system essentials in terms of modelling objectives, model inputs, outputs and content. Their impact on simulation study success is undenied. Guidance towards high quality conceptual models is relevant, as modelling is not easy. Modelling frameworks offer guidance by specifying what to model, by identifying modelling activities, and offering good practices and methods in doing so. In this article we explore the needs for maintenance of modelling frameworks and good policies for doing so, starting from a case study. We show how an existing modelling framework addressing hyper acute stroke pathways is extended to meet system requirements set by a new stroke treatment. We clarify how extensions imply significant efforts that may legitimate the definition of maintenance policies, clarifying what, when and how to maintain a framework. In turn, maintenance effectiveness and efficiency may rely on modelling framework setup, being transparent from a maintenance point of view.
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StatusPublished - mrt-2021
EvenementOR Society Simulation Workshop (SW21) - On-line, United Kingdom
Duur: 22-mrt-202126-mrt-2021


ConferenceOR Society Simulation Workshop (SW21)
LandUnited Kingdom

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