Making Jews Dutch: Secular discourse and Jewish responses, 1796-1848

Tsila Shelly Rädecker


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    The transformation of Dutch Ashkenazi Jewry after the Emancipation Decree of 1796 was not part of a process of secularization, in which Jews become less religious, but resulted from the restructuring of the religious and secular fields. Changing ideas on what was religious and not created a grey area, wherein the boundaries between the secular and the religious were renegotiated. These changing ideas defined the Jewish community´s transition to the status of a religious minority and also shaped new Jewish identities. This study investigates the various Jewish responses to cultural change in a secularizing environment. It identifies the modes of Jewish responses and provides an explanation for religious change.
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    • von Stuckrad, Kocku, Supervisor
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    • Hagbi, Y. (Yaniv), Co-supervisor, Externe Persoon
    Datum van toekenning10-sep.-2015
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