Many hands make light work: Student-tutor support at the faculty of medicine

Grazyna Drzazga*, Herrien Wapstra, Agnes Diemers

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In the Bachelor of Medicine program, 2/3 of the education is facilitated by student-tutors. Student-tutors’ role has always been indispensable: they facilitate learning, provide a platform for students to build meaningful relationships, and develop as future professionals. As the Faculty Development team, our task is to help tutors fulfill their job, which requires careful collaboration with many stakeholders. So for us, connecting the dots is a daily job!
In this poster, we will summarize how we support student-tutors, and we would like to exemplify the complex network of connections it takes to do the job well. We need to communicate with course directors, quality assurance, study advisors, producers, year coordinators, the tutor coordinator, senior student-tutors, and the group of educational development to ensure we provide tutors with what they need. Student tutors consistently receive the highest evaluations; thus our story is a success story of how this extensive network of people ensures suitable support for the group. During the poster session, we hope to receive some inspiration on how else we could help this group and use them to their full potential or on how to streamline communication in the extensive group of people involved in student-tutor education.
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StatusPublished - mrt.-2023
EvenementEducation Festival 2023 - University of Groningen, Groningen, Netherlands
Duur: 27-mrt.-202330-mrt.-2023


FestivalEducation Festival 2023
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