March LR: a test for realistic linked faults

A. J. van de Goor*, G. N. Gaydadjiev, V. N. Yarmolik, V. G. Mikitjuk

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Many march tests have already been designed to cover faults of different fault models. The complexity of these tests arises when linked faults are taken into consideration. This paper gives an overview of the most important and commonly used fault models, including the industry's popular disturb fault model. The fault coverage of march tests is analysed in a novel way, i.e., in terms of their detection capabilities for: simple faults, and linked faults; whereby the infinite class of linked faults has been reduced to a set of realistic linked faults. Thereafter, the paper presents a methodology to design tests for realistic linked faults, resulting in the new tests March LR, March LRD and March LRDD. These new tests will be shown to be more efficient and to offer a higher fault coverage than comparable existing tests.

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StatusPublished - 1-jan-1996
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EvenementProceedings of the 1996 14th IEEE VLSI Test Symposium - Princeton, NJ, USA
Duur: 28-apr-19961-mei-1996


ConferenceProceedings of the 1996 14th IEEE VLSI Test Symposium
StadPrinceton, NJ, USA

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