Measures of self-regulation used in adult rehabilitation populations: A systematic review and content screening

T. Mol, C. A. M. van Bennekom, E. W. M. Scholten, M. W. M. Post*

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Objective We aimed to identify generic measures of self-regulation and to examine the degree to which these measures fit a recently developed conceptual model of self-regulation in a rehabilitation context. Data sources Pubmed, Embase, PsycInfo, and CINAHL were searched. Review methods Articles were included if they were published between January 2015 and August 2020 and reported on empirical studies (trials and observational studies) using a measure of self-regulation or a related concept, in an adult rehabilitation population. Main content was analysed by linking all items of the selected measures to one or more of the six sub-themes of self-regulation: (1) insight into physical and cognitive impairments, (2) insight into the consequences of the impairments, (3) insight into abilities, (4) to be able to communicate limitations, (5) trust in body and functioning, and (6) make use of abilities. Results Two reviewers independently screened 7808 abstracts, resulting in the inclusion of 236 articles. In these articles, 80 different measures were used to assess self-regulation or related concept. Nineteen of these measures met the inclusion criteria and were included for the content analyses. Nine of these were self-efficacy measures. No measures covered four or more of the six sub-themes of self-regulation. The three sub-themes on gaining insights were covered less compared to the sub-domains 'trust' and 'make use of abilities'. Conclusions Many measures on self-regulation exist None of these measures cover all six sub-themes of self-regulation considered important to measure self-regulation as a rehabilitation outcome.

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