Measuring Parenting Dimensions in Middle Childhood Multitrait-Multimethod Analysis of Child, Mother, and Father Ratings

Sofie Kuppens*, Hans Grietens, Patrick Onghena, Daisy Michiels

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Questionnaire ratings were used to obtain child, mother, and father ratings on three major parenting dimensions (behavioral control, psychological control, and support) in a sample of 600 children aged 8-to-10 years old. Results indicated that mothers, fathers, and children were able to reliably differentiate between the three parenting dimensions by means of questionnaire ratings. Convergent and discriminant validity were tested by analyzing amultitrait-multimethod matrix via confirmatory factor analysis. Convergence between mothers and fathers was satisfactory, while convergence between child and parents was significant, but fairly low. Discriminant validity was sufficiently supported, whereas informant-specific error was related to both child and father ratings. Criterion validity of the parenting dimension with regard to child behavior was established. Overall, behavioral control and support were positively associated with child prosocial behavior, while psychological control was positively correlated with child conduct problems, and to a lesser extent with child internalizing problems. The nature and implications of these findings are discussed.

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TijdschriftEuropean Journal of Psychological Assessment
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StatusPublished - 2009
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