Mechanical and biochemical effects of man-made fibres and metals in the human eye, a SEM-study

W. L. Jongebloed*, M. J. Figueras, D. Humalda, L. J. Blanksma, J. G. F. Worst

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    Prolene, perlon, supramid and titanium, either used as sutures, ‘Strampelli’ sutures or artificial lens loops, were compared after remaining in the human eye for at least one year. For comparison, non-implanted samples of each of the materials were used as blanks. Prolene and Perlon in particular showed severe biodégradation after a given period; Supramid showed much less degradation of its surface. Titanium showed a rather rough outer surface (even in the non-implanted samples), particularly as bends in the lens loop, which facilitated the adherence of cells, fibres and microorganisms.
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    TijdschriftDocumenta ophthalmologica
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    StatusPublished - 15-jan.-1986

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