Mechanosensitive membrane channels in action

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The tension-driven gating process of MscL from Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Tb-MscL, has been addressed at near-atomic detail using coarse-grained molecular dynamics simulations. To perform the simulations, a novel coarse-grained peptide model based on a thermodynamic parameterization of the amino-acid side chains has been applied. Both the wild-type Tb-MscL and its gain-of-function mutant V21 D embedded in a solvated lipid bilayer have been studied. To mimic hypoosmotic shock conditions, simulations were performed at increasing levels of membrane tension approaching the rupture threshold of the lipid bilayer. Both the wild-type and the mutant channel are found to undergo significant conformational changes in accordance with an irislike expansion mechanism, reaching a conducting state on a microsecond timescale. The most pronounced expansion of the pore has been observed for the V21 D mutant, which is consistent with the experimentally shown gain-of-function phenotype of the V21 D mutant.

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