Median power frequency of the surface electromyogram and blood lactate concentration in incremental cycle ergometry

R Jansen, W Ament, GJ Verkerke, AL Hof

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The electromyogram (EMG) median power frequency of the vastus lateralis and flexor digitorum superficialis muscles was measured in 12 subjects during cycle ergometry with step-wise increasing exercise intensities up to 100% of VO2max. Blood lactate concentration was measured to investigate the relationship between changes in lactate concentration and shifts in the EMG median power frequency of exercising vastus lateralis and non-exercising flexor digitorum superficialis muscles. The results indicated that lactate concentration did not systematically affect median frequency: in spite of a considerable increase in blood lactate concentration, no systematic decrease of the median frequency during exercise was found, either for the vastus lateralis or for the flexor digitorum superficialis muscles. Instead of a decrease of the median frequency during exercise, as seen in isometrical protocols, an increase was seen in most subjects. An interesting finding was a decrease of the median frequency of vastus lateralis muscle during recovery in 8 subjects. The present findings showed that the relationship between EMG frequency decrease, lac tate accumulation and fatigue, as observed in isometric protocols, cannot be simply applied to dynamic exercise.

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TijdschriftEuropean journal of applied physiology and occupational physiology
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StatusPublished - feb.-1997

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