Medical algorithm: Peri-operative management of mastocytosis patients

Inger Femke Astra Bocca-Tjeertes*, Annick A. J. M. van de Ven, Gerard H. Koppelman, Aline B. Sprikkelman, Hanneke N. G. Oude Elberink

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Mastocytosis is a clonal disorder characterized by the proliferation and accumulation of mast cells (MCs) in various tissue types, preferentially skinand bone marrow (BM). Mastocytosis consists of cutaneous and systemic forms in both pediatric and adult patients. Both the excess and increased propensity of MCs to release mediators leads to a higher frequency and severity ofimmediate hypersensitivity reactions.1-4.

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StatusE-pub ahead of print - 20-mei-2021

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