MEGALEX: A megastudy of visual and auditory word recognition

Ludovic Ferrand, Alain Méot, Elsa Spinelli, Boris New, Christophe Pallier, Patrick Bonin, Stéphane Dufau, Sebastiaan Mathôt, Jonathan Grainger

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Using the megastudy approach, we report a new database (MEGALEX) of visual and auditory lexical decision times and accuracy rates for tens of thousands of words. We collected visual lexical decision data for 28,466 French words and the same number of pseudowords, and auditory lexical decision data for 17,876 French words and the same number of pseudowords (synthesized tokens were used for the auditory modality). This constitutes the first large-scale database for auditory lexical decision, and the first database to enable a direct comparison of word recognition in different modalities. Different regression analyses were conducted to illustrate potential ways to exploit this megastudy database. First, we compared the proportions of variance accounted for by five word frequency measures. Second, we conducted item-level regression analyses to examine the relative importance of the lexical variables influencing performance in the different modalities (visual and auditory). Finally, we compared the similarities and differences between the two modalities. All data are freely available on our website ( ) and are searchable at , inside the Open Lexique search engine.

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TijdschriftBehavior Research Methods
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StatusPublished - jun.-2018

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